Library Instruction for Fall 2008

Aug 20 2008

Library Instruction for Fall 2008

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Are your students having trouble in their research?   Are they using sources that aren’t scholarly or credible?  Do you see Wikipedia cited in their bibliographies? The Belk Library staff can help!

Library instruction is available for fall 2008.  A librarian can show your students how to find good, scholarly information.  Instruction is available for any class taught at Elon, from the arts and humanities to the sciences.  Got an upper-level class?  We can do instruction for those too, including graduate classes.

To schedule a class, contact Randall Bowman at 278-6571, or  You can also request classes through our Instruction A La Carte Menu

What do we do?  Our workshops are more than just generic, canned presentations.  A librarian will work with you to customize the workshop to the needs of your students.  In addition to preparing research guides for your class and showing them how to search the best databases, a librarian can use active learning exercises to engage students and to help them learn.

If you’re syllabus is packed (who’s isn’t?) and you don’t feel like you can devote a whole class to an instruction session, then a librarian can do a quick lesson, such as a 5-minute demonstration of a database.  And you don’t have to come to the library!  We can come to your class.

A librarian can serve as a consultant to your class.  Students can make appointments to work with the librarian on one-on-one.  This is especially great for upper-level classes and senior seminars in which students are doing intensive research.

Here are some things to keep in mind when requesting instruction:

  •  A librarian will need time to prepare, so please give us a least one week’s notice. 
  • Please have more than one date in mind, especially in the early weeks of the semester, when we are doing lots of classes!
  • Our instruction is most effective when the professor is present to answer questions and reinforce important points.  Please plan for when you’ll be available to accompany the class.

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