January 5 – Melbourne, Great Ocean Road

Waking up in Melbourne, we headed to “The Dunes” for a beginners surfers lesson. After changing into wetsuits we headed down to the beach to catch some waves. With some initial instructions, we made our way to the water where many of us attempted to catch our first waves. Surfing for about 2hrs, many of us began to show improvement with multiple people “riding out” full waves.

At the end of our lesson and practice we headed up the Great Ocean Road where we saw great sights up the coast. Stopping in Torquay for food, we found an excellent restaurant named Soulfuel where many of us enjoyed chicken fajitas.


Our tour guides led us to a koala bear hot spot named the “Koala Kafe.” Seeing multiple koala bears and birds, we learned about the lifestyle of these creatures and how they lived. Sleeping upwards of 20hrs a day most of the koalas were resting upon the branches of eucalyptus trees; their ┬ámain source of food.


After leaving this area we made our way to our hostel in Apollo Bay. Here we were served a fantastic meal that featured kangaroo, along with many American classics such as hamburgers and hot dogs. We then took to the backyard to learn the basics of cricket and created teams to play against one another. What followed was a exhibition between both sides, leading to many of our classmates showing off their athletic prowess.


The evening culminated around a camp fire where many of us began to get to know each other much better. Many of us stayed out on that full moon night talking about pasts and enjoying the time we had together.

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