January 4 – Arrive in Melbourne


After a long 15-hour flight we arrived in Melbourne. As soon as we got to Melbourne we were sent off to check out the local restaurants and get lunch. After we got lunch, we went on a 5-mile tour of Melbourne where we got to see the popular sights and learn about the history of the city.

Our tour started off at the famous prison that held Melbourne’s most popular criminal “Ned Kelly.” Ned Kelly was a bush robber who would hide in bushes and jump out and rob the rich and give to the poor. He was convicted and sent to this prison after a long standoff with cops at the local hotel.


The next stop on the tour was at the arcade, which has lots of popular stores and restaurants. The arcade was a popular place in the old days for women to parade around in dresses in search for a husband.

Next on the tour we learned that Melbourne has a bigger population growth than Sydney and also is known for their laneways. The laneways are alleyways that contain small shops and bars that are popular with the locals. The laneways also have a beautiful display of street art.


After the tour we got to see the Yarra River and got a beautiful view of the city of Melbourne. Once the tour was over we were allowed to adventure off into Melbourne and experience the nightlife.

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