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Welcome to the 10th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference at Elon University!

Elon University welcomes area university and college educators to the 10th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, jointly sponsored by Elon’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) and Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT).

College students are busy learning in our classrooms, participating in campus activities, studying abroad, volunteering in the community, working on campus or off, and being active in many other ways. How can we help them integrate those experiences, so that what is learned across courses, disciplines, and their academic and personal lives can be connected in meaningful ways?

This year’s conference theme, Connected Learning, is reflected in sessions that explore learning that occurs when in-class experiences are connected with out-of-class activities; for example, the use of prompted reflection in travel-embedded courses and academic service learning. Other sessions will explore learning that emerges from constructive group interaction; for example, through collaborative learning strategies, simulations, or knowledge building activities. And many sessions will explore learning that connects concrete experiences with abstract conceptualizations; for example, in solving authentic problems, engaging in guided inquiry, or creating a novel artifact.

We look forward to seeing you in August.

More Details

  • free, one day conference for area university and college educators, instructional technologists, and others interested in teaching and learning in higher education
  • morning beverages and lunch will be provided
  • network with peers from other institutions
  • explore new technologies
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