Teaching in a SMARTBoard classroom?

SMART bored

If you have a SMARTBoard in your classroom and you don’t know how to use it, we can get you started.  Currently, there are ten SMARTBoards on campus.  Check out the Wiki to find more information about the locations of SMARTBoards on campus.

Ways to use the SMARTBoard

The SMARTBoard can be used in the classroom in many different interactive and engaging ways.  Some ways instructors can utilize the SMARTBoard are:

  • As an interactive touch screen
  • To annotate over documents
  • To create new presentations with Smart Notebook software

Interactive touch screen

The SMARTBoard can be used as an interactive touch screen, which makes a variety of actions that may have been inconvenient to do with a mouse click now a lot easier.  Navigating applications like Google Earth is easier because you can just touch the screen and explore.

Quick way to annotate

Annotating over documents is a breeze if you use the SMARTBoard.  When displaying content, you now have the ability to write on it.  This can transform the way instructors teach.  Now taking notes over lessons is easier than ever.

Use Smart Notebook software

If you are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, then you can use Smart Notebook software.  There are many similarities between the two.  Smart Notebook software gives you the ability to create interactive lessons that can be displayed and manipulated on the SMARTBoard.  Lessons now can include drag and drop activities that will get students attention.

Some other features of the software worth mentioning are the built-in screen recorder and screen capture tool.  The built-in screen recorder allows you to capture everything that you show on the SMARTBoard.   This tool allows you to record lectures and lessons and post them into Moodle for students to reference at a later date.  The screen capture tool allows you to take a picture of anything on the screen and insert it into documents or lessons.

Get started

The first step to successfully using the SMARTBoard is to download the Smart Notebook collaborative learning software.  After you have downloaded the software on your computer, you are ready to connect to the SMARTBoard and explore!

There are many ways to gain more information about how to use the SMARTBoard in your classroom.  You can stop by the TLT offices in Belk Library, call TLT at 278-5006 or email Sara Vanderpool at svanderpool@elon.edu.


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Sara Vanderpool

Sara Vanderpool

Sara Vanderpool is an Instructional Technologist within Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) at Elon University.

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