Get your Moodle course ready for fall

FallKittyWallpaperIt’s that time again! Fall semester is quickly approaching, bringing with it the need to prepare your Moodle course. Below you will find some useful links to help make this process as smooth as possible.

Setup your course

For a list of the basic steps that are essential to setting up your Moodle course for the semester, check out this post about course preparation.

Re-use course content

If you are trying to import content from an old course into a new course for the fall, please refer to this post about transferring content from one course to another.

Teaching multiple sections

For those of you looking to create a meta-course, in which all of your sections are included under one Moodle course, check out this post to learn how to combine multiple sections.

Additional resources

Still not what you’re looking for? Don’t sweat it—several new Moodle help resources are at your fingertips!

In an effort to provide separate faculty-specific and student-specific support, a new Moodle support site is now available. On the Moodle homepage, click the image that describes you—faculty or student—and then click “Enroll me” to receive access to links covering a broad range of common Moodle issues, tips, and tools. If students are coming to you with Moodle concerns, direct them to this site, as well. When you’ve had enough, you can un-enroll at any time.

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