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Dr. Matt Valle uses self-made videos, online resources to supplement student learning


Instructional videos are a popular way to deliver course content, but it can be difficult to get started. Dr. Matt Valle, a Martha and Spencer Love term professor of management, has tried his hand at video recording, and he realizes that sometimes, better video resources are already available on the Internet. For him, deciding whether to create ...

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6 tips for teaching online during Elon’s summer terms


How do you engage students without seeing them face-to-face? How does the time commitment of teaching an online course compare to teaching an in-class course? How should I communicate with my students? These questions are among the several Elon faculty members might have as they navigate the challenges of designing and teaching online courses for ...

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Use Explain Everything to explain… everything

Explain Everything is an app with the purpose of doing just that: explaining everything. Described by its creators as an interactive white board, there really isn't much that you can't do with Explain Everything. With the ability to type, draw or insert videos, pictures, documents, clip art, and webpages, you can customize your presentations however you ...

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Online alternatives during inclement weather

Alamance building

When inclement weather makes it difficult to get to campus, consider using online alternatives to engage students in the work of your class. Here are a few simple suggestions: Use Moodle as a central location for students to find course information, lead and facilitate discussions, and post and submit assignments. You can also live chat with your students ...

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Learning On Demand: Educational videos for the Elon community


Learning On Demand, a new website released by the Office of the Provost and Teaching and Learning Technologies, is an archive of educational videos produced by Elon’s faculty, staff, and students.  This learning resource aggregates videos from campus events like Numen Lumen reflections, panel discussions, and popular guest speakers, as well as offers instructional videos,  tutorials, and other ...

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Help at the Writing Center goes beyond pen and paper

Guy presenting in front of a class

It’s no surprise that writing is no longer just text on paper. But you may not know that the Writing Center can be a great resource for work beyond your average essay, such as videos, images, and other multimedia assignments. So whether you have a PowerPoint due at the end of the week, want a ...

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6 Quiz Tips for Moodle

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The Moodle Quiz is a powerful tool, and can save you hours of grading (or at least the walk to-and-from Belk Library to drop off and pick up your Scantrons). With only minor tweaking, your Quiz can be automatically graded, with the results released to your students when you choose. It's very easy to assess and ...

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Dr. Crider on how the Epic Finale redefines the final exam

Students show off the phones they used to record video during the exam.

The creation of a good exam is a tricky art. An exam should test students what they’ve learned, but it is hard to spice things up from the monotonous multiple-choice format. However, Dr. Tony Crider has found a way to test his students in a way that challenges deeper thought and ended with students standing, ...

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Book Review: The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game by Lee Sheldon

Cover - The Multiplayer Classroom

Teaching pharmacology in a physician assistant program means delivering a HUGE quantity of evolving information in a short amount of time. I look for class days where I can decompress material and review. Enter gamification, not a new concept but one relatively recently applied to education. Gamification takes game concepts and applies them to things ...

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Prepare your device for online courses

Students at laptop

Taking an online course during the summer is quite different from your normal run-of-the-mill classroom courses of fall and spring. Even though the first summer session of classes is well underway at Elon, the second summer session of courses is right around the corner. Here are some tips to help students beginning summer classes succeed ...

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