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Cyber security: our shared responsibility


October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).  All month consumers, businesses, colleges and universities, corporations, and the government will be working together to promote awareness and share online safety tips.  Increasing the awareness and education about cyber security helps to explain the risks when online.  The Department of Homeland Security has an ongoing campaign called ...

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4 tips to help prevent drive-by downloads

If you have ever installed a software program, you are probably familiar with having to click on an "accept", "confirm", or "agree" button before the program will install.  A drive-by download is a download of adware, malware, or software not authorized by the user.  A drive-by download can happen as you visit websites.  The downloads ...

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Android worm, Selfmite, discovered


Android is one of several operating systems such as, Windows and iOS, which runs mostly on mobile devices.  We all know mobile devices are not immune from malware and AdaptiveMobile confirmed last week in a blog post of a worm called Selfmite on Android smartphones.  A worm is a form of malware which replicates itself ...

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Have you checked your credit report lately?

When was the last time you requested your credit report?  A credit report includes how you pay your bills,  if you ever filed for bankruptcy, any loan defaults, and a listing of your opened and closed credit accounts.  It is important to make sure your credit report is accurate to guard against identity theft and to ...

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Protect your building access

Card access

Sometime or another you may have a key or access card to gain access to a building.  Whether it is the building you work in, your apartment, or the building you attend classes, the key or card authorizes you to get into the building.  Have you ever swiped your access card and let someone behind ...

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Real-time sharing is not always a good idea


Would you leave a sign on your front door letting everyone know you were on vacation?  Posting this information on social media sites is like doing the same thing.  Summer is quickly approaching and vacations are right around the corner.  Although social media is a way to share your life, don’t get carried away and ...

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Bitly users urged to change passwords


If you are a Bitly user you should be aware Bitly has had a data compromise.  On May 8th Bitly CEO Mark Josephson announced the breach in a blog post with minimal details stating, "We have reason to believe that Bitly account credentials have been compromised; specifically, users’ email addresses, encrypted passwords, API keys and OAuth ...

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A new flaw in Internet Explorer


If Internet Explorer (IE) is your default browser you need to be aware of a new zero-day vulnerability.  A zero-day vulnerability can be thought of as a security hole in software where a fix is not yet available.  On Saturday Microsoft released a security advisory for a threat against IE affecting versions 6 through 11.  The ...

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Goodbye XP


On April 8, 2014 Microsoft ended the support of its operating system, XP.  XP has been around for twelve years but now Microsoft has decided “to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences”, their website says. XP was not only used in home PCs but ...

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The dangers of the Heartbleed bug


Last week, the Heartbleed bug made world headlines in its discovery. Heartbleed is a bug that affects OpenSSL, an encryption technology that is one of the most common on the internet. While it is unclear whether any information has been stolen through the Heartbleed bug, security experts are worried because the bug went undetected for ...

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