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5 Awesome Moodle Features You Didn’t Know Existed

After the Moodle renovation this winter, the interface has more features than ever, geared to make your online classroom interactive and convenient. Want to learn how to get the most out of Moodle? You’re in the right place – here are five hidden features you may not have known Moodle offers.   1. Use Moodle’s user-friendly editing tools …

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2 Real Examples to Help You Spot an Email Phishing Scam

A person typing on their computer

The dangers of phishing scams hit closer to home than ever last week as Elon faculty and staff members found themselves targeted. As one can note from the screenshots included below, these convincing, yet fraudulent, emails asked faculty and staff to log onto their private Elon accounts. From there, scammers will search for account numbers, …

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3 Common Tax Scams and How to Avoid Them

A calculator and documents

According to the IRS, thousands of people have had their personal information (and sometimes money) stolen as a result of a tax scam. These scams, also known as “phishing schemes,” try to trick people into sharing their personal information by pretending to be an official organization, such as the IRS. While you may think that …

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Elon robotics class gears up for success


The study of robotics can lead its pupils to a dozen different careers, from industrial building to the construction of humanoids, and the world is paying attention. Across the board, robotics is drawing attention both for its mainstream application and futuristic intrigue. Elon University is allowing students to get ahead of this trend, offering CSC …

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April Acorn Accolade goes to Christina Bonds


April’s Acorn Accolade was presented to Christina Bonds, an Application Developer in Web Technologies. The Acorn Accolade is awarded each month to an Instructional and Campus Technology (I&CT) employee to recognize his or her exemplary service to Elon. Bonds is recognized for her instrumental role in developing the Elon Payment Gateway. In her work on this …

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Media Services, and the important things they’re up to

media services

Jenn Grimmett sits at her desk, the heart of Elon’s Media Services office. It’s her third year in the position, and when asked about the evolution of Media Services, she has a lot to reflect on. “Have things changed in the running of Media Services year to year? Oh, yeah. Of course they have,” she says. …

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Maths Alarm Clock: A Tool That Is Much More Than Meets the Eye

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there: the gruel of exam week is upon you. Belk Library is brimming with students poring over textbooks and laptops. The air reeks of sweat, Acorn coffee, and test anxiety. And you’ve just finished studying at 4 a.m. After trudging accross campus to the comfort of your warm bed, a spark …

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