Types of articles

PURM’s unique emphasis on the processes of undergraduate research and mentoring and its wide audience creates an opportunity to expand the types of articles it publishes beyond the traditional research article.

  • Dialogues – coauthored pieces written by undergraduate researchers and faculty or graduate student mentors that focus on the evolution of a particular research project or program, completed or not, and critically reflect on a specific process, challenge, concern, issue, etc., within that project. (Peer Reviewed)
  • Student Perspectives – student-authored pieces (individual or group authored) on a specific aspect of the undergraduate research and/or mentoring experience that may be impactful for other students. (Peer Reviewed)
  • Research Articles – empirical studies or literature reviews on best practices in undergraduate research and mentoring. (Peer Reviewed)
  • Conversations – themed roundtable articles that are either a) written by student/faculty/administrative teams at one university about a project or program or b) written about an undergraduate research-relevant issue by groups of people across institutions and disciplines for multiple perspectives. While these articles may be invited by the editors, please contact the editors if you have an idea for a Conversation that you would like to pursue. (Reviewed by Editor)
  • Invited Viewpoints – editor-invited pieces by experts in the areas of undergraduate research, undergraduate research program development, undergraduate research program administration, undergraduate research mentoring, etc. (Reviewed by Editor)

In addition to the article types listed above, PURM will also draw on its online interactive status to encourage discussion of articles and issues within the undergraduate research community by publishing:

  • Reader Reponses to published pieces – formal commentaries directly responding to previously published articles in PURM. (Reviewed by Editor)
  • Current Questions – The PURM Blog – biweekly, interactive questions about undergraduate research and mentoring on a blog space connected to the journal that will allow readers to participate in a discussion about a relevant issue. Questions are posed by the PURM staff, submitted by readers, or posed by invited undergraduate research advocates who also moderate the discussion. (Reviewed by Editor and Student Moderators)

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