Editorial board

  • Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Meredith Allison, Associate Professor, Elon University, mallison5@elon.edu
  • Consulting Managing Editor: Dr. Rebecca Pope-Ruark, Associate Professor, Elon University, rruark@elon.edu

Editorial Board Members:

Dr. Laurie Grobman – Dr. Laurie Grobman is a Professor of English and Women’s Studies at Penn State Berks.

Dr. Laura Lunsford – Dr. Laura Lunsford is an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona, where she teaches courses in social and organizational psychology.

Dr. John Mateja – Dr. Mateja is an experimental nuclear physicist with research interests in the area of light heavy-ion reactions. He is a Fellow of the Council on Undergraduate Research and of the American Physical Society. He is currently President of the Goldwater Foundation.

Dr. Gubbi Sudhakaran – Dr. Sudhakaran is a Professor of Physics at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.

Dr. Alan C. Utter – A member of the Appalachian State University faculty since 1995, Dr. Utter is currently a Professor in the Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science, Interim Vice Provost for Research, and Director of the Health Promotion academic degree program and the University Office of Student Research.