Note about Resources and our New Guest-Blogger

Kaitlyn Stahl, Elon University ’15, PURM Editorial Assistant

Over the past semester, PURM has enhanced the UR Resources page, established a facebook presence, and continued to blog about undergraduate research and mentoring. Our aim is to include information that will be valuable to you and keep you invested in the world of undergraduate research.

The resource page includes research opportunities, presentation opportunities, helpful tools and external links, and a list of research journals. We include dates, locations, and deadlines for submission where we can to help keep you on track of possible opportunities. It is also split into resources for students and resources for teachers to help you navigate the site.

We are also excited to announce that we have a guest-blogger for our blog, Current Questions. Elise Gray is a senior in psychology and in a seminar on mentoring this semester at the University of Arizona. She will be writing a few blog posts for us and give us a great new perspective. We have most recently published her post on mindful mentoring and are looking forward to reading more from her. All of the blog posts will be linked to on our Facebook page.

The process is moving along steadily, and we will continually update it in the future. If you have any journals, opportunities, etc. that you know of and think should be added or any blog topics you would like for us to cover, please send us an email at

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