Letter from the Editors, PURM 3.2

This has been an interesting and strange academic year, hasn’t it? From the government sequestration to the seemingly never-ending winter weather (including an ice storm that crippled us here at Elon), we’ve seen the impacts on our classes, out research, and our students. But summer and the opportunity for refreshed research activity looms ahead brightly.

In this Spring issue, our sixth, we explore three different ways of producing and mentoring undergraduate research to consider over the summer. In our leading research article, faculty and students at Oakland University in Michigan explore how undergraduate research in the humanities can be shaped by implementing a replicable, aggregable, and data-supported “RAD” method. Our first dialogue explores how the collaboration between a faculty member, students in a psychology methods course, and the college archivist at Concordia College led to meaningful undergraduate research bot in and out of the classroom. And our second dialogue explains how Widener University creates communities of undergraduate researchers and mentors during summer sessions on a shoestring budget.

Each of contributing authors brings their unique perspective to undergraduate research and mentoring in very different environments, and we are sure you will find something valuable to use in your own work. And to ensure we continue to bring your valuable, usable work, we are happy to introduce the new PURM advisory board and to tell you a little bit about their role in PURM‘s future. The members of this board bring a wealth of experience and expertise to PURM, and we look forward to working with these talented individuals to continue to grow our journal.

As always, thank you for reading PURM. If you are interesting in writing an article, contributing a blog post, or reviewing articles with a student mentee, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us. Additionally, we are opening up a new multimedia category for the journal with you can read more about here – one more way you can share your work with the undergraduate research community.

As a final note, because our office and review process are both faculty- and student-driven, summer submissions may be held until the early fall for review. Thank you for your considering publishing in PURM!

Happy reading,
Mat and Rebecca

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