Note about New PURM Resources and Blog

New and exciting things are coming to PURM in the upcoming weeks. The resource page we have currently is getting renovated and will soon include more resources that we think will be valuable to you. The blog Current Questions will also serve as a new resource and become more active than ever.

The updated resource page will be given two categories: resources for students and resources for teachers/mentors. We decided to split it this way because not all resources that are applicable for students are applicable for teachers and vice versa. In our student section, there will be research opportunities, presentation opportunities, helpful tools and external links, and a list of research journals. Each resource will include a short summary; for example, you will be able to tell which research journals are open to submissions from other universities at a glance or what undergraduate program they may focus on, if any. In this regard, they will be roughly categorized as well.

The teacher section will be quite similar and include the same things, but will eliminate student-specific resources. This section will also have publication opportunities, available awards, and associated organizations. Where we discuss call for submissions, we will give deadlines and locations if relevant.

The updated blog will aim to publish new posts weekly. These posts will range from highlighting conferences like ISSoTL13 to spotlighting poster presenters and from updating readers on call for submission deadlines to new things going on with PURM. All of the blog posts will be linked to on our Facebook page, which is also newly active.

The process is moving along steadily and we will continually update it in the future. If you have any journals, opportunities, etc. that you know of and think should be added or any blog topics you would like for us to cover, please send us an email at

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