Meet the Blogger: T. Daniel Griffin

T. Daniel Griffin is joining PURM as a blogger representing the student perspective on undergraduate research. Here’s a little info about Daniel:

T. Daniel Griffin is pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication at New Mexico Tech and plans to graduate in May of 2013. After working eight years in management for an international restaurant company, with locations and offices in Japan and California, Daniel relocated to New Mexico to attend school at New Mexico Tech. He also works as a web developer and programmer in the IT department at EMRTC, New Mexico Tech’s premier explosives research and training division.

Daniel’s blog will walk us through the process of creating his senior research project this academic year. Here’s a taste…

“The senior thesis project at New Mexico Tech has been a longstanding part of the Technical Communication program. While most students, including myself, do not formally start this project until their final year at New Mexico Tech, we do have some idea of the scope of the project, what it entails and we know that it is an intense part of our study that entails six credits worth of work. As my thesis project proceeds, I hope to encourage other students through these blogs and to offer my perspective to instructors involved in similar processes. I’ll do so by detailing the challenges and successes I experience in what I hope will be the crowning achievement of my undergraduate career.

“Those of us going into the senior thesis project in the fall semester usually have some idea of what we want to write about. We may even feel like we know the exact topic we want to cover. As students, we generally do not have a clear understanding of what is feasible to cover in a two semester project, nor do we know precisely what the department expects of us…”

For Daniel’s full post, visit the Current Questions blog on November 10th.

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