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Welcome back informational note from the Director

Welcome back informational note from the Director


I hope that by the time you read this you have arrived on campus, are beginning to settle in, and are ready for an exciting semester.  Please take the time to read the items below and let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns as we begin the year.

Some items of note below include action points, so read carefully.

  • The “Periclean Corner” has been moved from Lindner 209 to Carlton building first floor in the space previously occupied by the Cannon Centre for International Studies.  This space can be used, as before, for meetings related to all Periclean Class business and for casual gatherings.  There will be two computers put in place as well.  We will still use the cabinet space for storage, and the shelves for display, etc.
  • Our program also has first priority use of conference room 202 in the new Global Commons building, and we can begin to populate this space with posters, photos, etc.  The wall on the north side of the room (with the screen) is a “white board” on which dry erase markers can be used.logowoborder  The paint has not yet cured, but in a couple weeks we can decorate this wall as we wish using colored dry erase markers and my hope is that each Class will make its mark (literally as well as figuratively J).
  • My office has moved from Lindner to 210 Global Commons.  Please come visit!  Also, please let me know if you and some Classmates want to have lunch (or breakfast) on me any time this year that is mutually workable.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about the program, your Class efforts and just get to know each other better.
  • Action point We need high-resolution photographs for display in the Periclean Corner space and in the Global Commons room. Each Class is asked to provide several iconic photos of their Class and/or partners and/or work in progress so that we can make use of some high quality frames that have been in storage. Please email those to me ASAP
  • Several of you have mentioned that you are reading Letters Left Unsent I am interested in your thoughts and questions about what J has to say and will be organizing a discussion of the issues raised in the book near the end of September.  Action point If you would like to contribute to a study guide for this work (write a review of the entire book or specific chapters, offer some thought questions, etc.) please contact me ASAP.
  • As you may have read on our blog, last spring our program was awarded a $5,000 grant “Writing to Become a Scholar in the Periclean Scholars Program” to work on enhancing and deepening the overall program especially regarding the wide range of writing you all doing as Pericleans.  Your Mentor and I will keep you updated as work proceeds.  Action point If you are interested in being a direct part of this process, please contact me or your Mentor ASAP.
  • The Periclean Scholars Steering Committee will begin meeting the second week of Classes.  The first meeting is at 4:00PM in GC 202 Thursday, September 4thAction point Each Class should elect/select at least two representatives.  This body will be charged with some important tasks this year and will meet every other week for about an hour.  See here for more information.
  • Action point Each Class should provide a weekly update on their Class activities on the blog.  Cumulatively these posts provide the content for your Class “resume” to be published at the end of each semester.
  • I want to work closely with a Periclean Scholar this year who would like to learn more about the administering of the entire program.  Read the job description below, and if you are interested please contact Program Assistant Catherine Parsons ASAP.

All the best!

Tom Arcaro, Director


Director’s Assistant
This student in this 10 hour per week position will work closely with the Director in both day to day operations of the program and on “bigger picture” projects like alumni contact, the Periclean Foundation, and grant writing.  The hours will be flexible and the student will work from the Global Commons Periclean room (GC 202).

The skill set useful for this position includes exceptional technical (computer) expertise, a proactive approach to tasks, a very detail oriented mentality, and very good communication and interpersonal interaction abilities.

This position can be filled immediately.

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Welcome back to campus!

Bienvenidos/Welcome back to campus


As always, a few items:

1.  I very much look forward to seeing everyone back on campus in the next couple weeks and reconnecting with all of the current Classes and Class Mentors.  I will be looking for updates from all Classes soon:

  • Class of 2015 Haiti, Mentor:  Dr. Bud Warner
  • Class of 2016 Honduras, Mentor:  Prof. April PostbusPS
  • Class of 2017 Namibia, Mentor:  Dr. Carol Smith

2.  My personal goals this year include further enhancing the academic rigor of the program, deepening both old and new partnerships, and working closely with a newly structured Steering Committee and the Class Mentors to provide support and guidance for the entire program.  More about these goals will come in a pan-Periclean email.

3.  In my summer email I suggested that all Pericleans read Letters Left Unsent.  [Click on the link for a copy.]  I will be organizing a discussion of the issues raised in this book early in the semester.

4.  Finally, I want to thank Dr. Steve Braye, Mentor ’09 & ’18, for standing in as interim Director last spring while I was abroad in Costa Rica.

We have a big year in front of us as we move toward our goals making a positive impacts in our countries of focus!


Tom Arcaro, Director



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Class of 2016 Profit Share

On Saturday, May 17th from 11 a.m.- 10 p.m. our class hosted a profit share at West End Terrace. For each person who came in for the profit share, 15% of their bill was donated to our class project in Honduras. Since I work at West End, I was able to easily set up and advertise for the profit share. We put a chalk board outside on the side walk which said “Periclean profit share: tell your server Periclean to donate 15% of your bill.” Isabel and I also created a Facebook event and our class invited over 1,000 students. April also helped out in inviting her friends and attending the profit share with her husband. Since I was working that day, I was able to explain to many people what Periclean is and, more specifically, what our project in Honduras entails. I was glad to have the opportunity to explain exactly what people were donating to and to also advertise our class and our focus. We made $240 from the profit share which was very successful and I think, ultimately, advertised us a lot. My boss was also very pleased with the turnout and I am sure there is the possibility of conducting another profit share with him in the future. Ultimately, I think it was good to collaborate with a local business owner and get the word out about Periclean and our project. It was also a good end to our semester as a class and for the fundraising committee.

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Periclean Scholars awarded $5000 Writing Excellence Initiative grant

Periclean Scholars awarded $5000 Writing Excellence Initiative grant

Through the hard work of lead author Dr. Steve Braye our program has received a $5000 grant to enhance the scholarly writing that is done as part of the program.  The title of the grant was “Writing to become a scholar” and work will begin this June and through the summer.  By the end of fall semester we expect to have explored the possibility of new writing initiatives within the program and ways to enhance and strengthen current work.  By the end of the ’14-’15 school year all enhancements should be in place and our program will even more distinctively add to the undergraduate experience of all our Scholars.  The planning and implementation team will include at least two current Periclean Scholars.

Here is the E-Net article.

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Class of 2016 Spring Semester Resume

As our first full year as Periclean Scholars draws to a close, the class of 2016 is eager to take a moment to breath and remember what the Spring semester has brought us.

Our missionas the Periclean Scholars class of 2016 is to make a positive, lasting and sustainable change in the Honduran community that we choose to take part in. By becoming advocates for and partners with a Honduran community as well as continuing to participate in our field of focus, we will inspire others to become involved in creating positive change and furthering the Periclean Scholars program in the future.

To delve into our newly selected focal area of youth and community, we’ve made new partnerships, created unique fundraisers, met incredible people, and so much more…


Class Resume

[Spring 2014]


Hogares Sanos – since fall 2013

Hope for Honduran Children – since fall 2013

Summit in Honduras-since Spring 2014


KBG–This semester we used Knowledge Based Groups to complete small group work around films/movies


Banerjee, Abhijit. Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty. New York: Public Affairs, 2011. Print.

Nienhaus, Blanca Zendejas. Aquí y Allá/Here and There. 2014. Print.

Narzario, Sonia. Enrique’s Journey. New York: Random House, 2007. Print. (also available in Spanish. La travesía de Enrique)

Lupton, Robert. Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help (And How to Reverse It). New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2011. Print.

Huang, Chi Cheng. When Invisible Children Sing. 2011. Print.

Kerssen, Tanya M. Grabbing Power: The New Struggles for Land, Food and Democracy in Northern Honduras. 2013. Print.

Wolseth, Jon. Jesus and the Gang: Youth Violence and Christianity in Urban Honduras. Tucson: The University of Arizona Press, 2011. Print.

Corbett, Steve, and Brian Fikkert. When helping hurts: how to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor– and yourself. Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers, 2009. Print.



  •  Aqui y alla

·     Honduras: the War on Children

·     Maquilapolis

·     Reportero

·     Sin nombre

·     El traspatio

·     Unos Pocos con valor (A few with bravery)

·     Which Way Home

·     Who is Dayani Cristal?



[Spring 2014]                                                                           

Skype with Maggie Ducayet about Summit in Honduras -April 2014

José Antonio Vargas talk “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant”-April  22

Team Performance Talk- Steve Mencarini- March 11

Periclean-in-residence-Sarah Woodward- about development in Central America-April 24

[Spring 2014]

Induction ceremony for the 2017 Periclean Scholars Class-Thursday, April 10th

Ashley Gherlone- Presentation on biodigesters

April Post-Researched and reached out to producers of ”The Sounds of Sangre”

Jenna Mason-Created pen Pal system with Transition Home and Flor Azul Boys Community in Honduras

Fund for Excellence Grant written for Bridging the Gap, a program that intends to accomplish cross cultural connection through English lessons, by Erin, April and Christine Harris

Mentor/Mentee program for the 2017 Periclean Class

English Scholarship of $1,300 for the Transition Home.

Dawson Nicholson-Placed Kiva loans


[Spring 2014]

Cookies to Go-Go–A cookie delivery service created by several members of our class. This fundraiser made $289 to support general class goals

Profit Share at West End on May 17 made $240  to support general class goals

Bracelet selling–Christian, Meredith, Jenna, and others took charge of selling bracelets produced by people in Hope for Honduran Children’s community and made  $650 for the organization!


Sundance film- A team of collaborators from our class and friends from across the country have produced a first draft of a film for submission to the Sundance Film Festival based on video  Meredith, Christian, and April took in their travels to Honduras.

Transition home Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/365231056952421/ –Created to better connect us with the adolescent boys in Hope for Honduran Children’s new transition home!

Flickr for all events https://www.flickr.com/photos/121956064@N07

Individual and Small Group Accomplishments

Morgan Abate-Wrote article on the International Fellows program which appeared on the front page of the Pendulum

Anna DeDufour-Inducted into the Spanish Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi

Meredith Berk and Christian Gilbert-Presented at the Celebrating Service-Learning forum on May 1st

Morgan Abate, Anna DeDufour, Erin Lanzotti,Erin Luther, Caley Mikesell, Casey Morrison, and Erin Robertson-Inducted into Phi Kappa Phi Initiation Ceremony.

Caley Mikesell-Awarded Lumen Prize:  “Latino Voices: Expertise in educational inclusivity and paternal involvement from engaged fathers”  http://www.elon.edu/e-net/Article/92861   

Morgan Abate- Winner of  university’s Human Rights and Social Justice Writing Contest

We’ve been quite busy this semester! Stay tuned for future plans!

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Throwback Thursday: What were the 2016′s up to on 4/15/2014?

4/15/14: Week 10

In our final class before Easter Break, our class engaged in reflection, knowledge-building, and plans for the future.  We started off our discussion with the final two KGB presentations, delivered by the groups who watched Reportero and Aqui y Alla.  Reportero, a documentary set in Baja California, Mexico delved into systemic issues in Latin America such as drug trafficking, organized crime, and political corruption.  This documentary provides a critical viewpoint towards the increasing threat that censorship places on journalists in the region.  In fact, according to the film, 76 Mexican reporters have died in the last 11 years.  In an act of positive bilateral cooperation, the US printing companies have vowed to ensure freedom of expression in Mexico by printing articles written in Mexico and sending them back over the border for distribution. This newspaper has become a national phenomenon that proves that nations are capable of transcending political corruption.  Our presenters recommended this movie to the rest of the class, saying it provided in-depth, honest, gritty information.

The other KGB presentation focused on Aqui y Alla, which centers on the life of Pedro and his family living in Mexico. Pedro has just returned from the United States, where he works in order to earn extra money to sustain his family. In Mexico, he picks us where he left off, working odd-jobs and being a caring father to his two young daughters.  In light of his wife’s pregnancy, there is the looming possibility that Pedro will have to go back to the US to acquire the financial capacity to support the growing needs of his family in a system that has deprived him of many basic needs/rights.  The main idea of the movie is to show how immigrants who come to the US from Central America do not necessarily want to leave their communities, their “gente de verdad”.  It shows how our role as Pericleans is to respect the cultural values of communities that we serve and understand their situation from their perspective.

This week was very exciting, as it was our FIRST Cookies to Go-Go of the semester.  We spent some of our discussion reviewing logistics and making sure people understood their responsibilities to like the event on Facebook, spread the word of the event, and show up to their shift on time with cookie dough.


Here are the announcements from committees from that day:

Hope for Honduran Children–Working on Sundance Film rough draft, seeing

someone about producing the film

Technology–We have footage from the induction ceremony that will be

edited, organized, and posted. Thanks Lauryl!

Historians–Put your pictures up!

Hogares Sanos–Introductory meeting/dinner with Suyapa with the women

NEXT week to discuss plans for the rest of the semester/next semester;

Working with Lasso, etc. for transition of new volunteers and leadership

Prom Com–Drew knows a “sticker guy”

Other announcements: Friday–Aware Fair, BE THERE! With your shirt on, preferably! Periclean will be represented, so it is important that you try to make it! Happy Easter break!

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History and overview of the efforts to organize Periclean Scholars alumni

“Even when it looks like a lot of standing (or sitting) around talking, aid is difficult and often intensely cerebral work. It is about bridging cultural and communication gaps between people and between communities, and the only way to do that is by investing in time and patience.” (J in Letters I’ve Written Never Meaning to Send


History and overview of the efforts to organize Periclean Scholars alumni

A note from the founding director, Tom Arcaro and with comments by Natasha Christensen, ’07.
natalieJPGOne of the most basic premises of the Periclean Scholars program is that whenever possible Periclean initiatives should be sustainable in the long-term. This includes partnerships made by each Class in terms of continually communicating with, materially supporting, and continuing to vet and be vetted by partner organizations and the individual representatives thereof.  Though it would be far from accurate to say that we had any idea what the future of the program held, the Class of 2006 had the vision to put the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association (PSAA) in place, the original by-laws of which were written by David Higham, ’06.

The idea in those early years was that there would be a regular business meeting of the PSAA on campus at Homecoming, and that indeed did happen in the first several years (’06-’08).

A visionary and transformative gift
An important event in the history of the PSAA happened in April of 2007. Dr. Lambert made a connection with Elon parent (’07) and Redwoods Group Founder and CEO Kevin Trapani. After several conversations between myself, Mr. Trapani and his financial officers, it was agreed that supporting the PSAA was our top priority. The thinking at that time –and continuing today- is that a commitment to the PSAA would both (i) ensure the sustainability of partnerships and (ii) give undergraduates a huge challenge to take extraordinarily seriously the process of vetting and connecting with partners since the connection would last not just for their undergraduate years but well beyond.

In the spring of 2007, the Redwoods Group made a $125,000 endowment gift to the program, allowing for roughly $5,000 per year intended to support the partnerships made by each Class. The vision was that as more graduating Classes came on-board, it would be possible, through matching donations from alumni, to continue supporting all partnerships in perpetuity at a moderately robust level (e.g., $1,000 per Class partner/year).

From fall of 2007 on, I began authorizing wire transfers or checks to current and past partners (Catholic AIDS Action, Hope for Honduran Children, Schools for Chiapas, for example) on a yearly basis, more or less evenly distributing the annual funds to partners, as they accumulated. The yearly meetings of the PSAA at Homecoming were not functioning the way that we had intended them to, due to minimal and failed communication beforehand and low turnout during; this is where and when decisions for disbursement were to be made. I take majority responsibility for this failure, though my wont was to make space for alumni ownership of this activity. I made a concerted effort to contact key members from each Class before authorizing any fund transfers to their partners.

One special case is Anita Isaacs, who is a two-time Periclean-in-Residence and a major focus within the documentary series produced by the Class of 2006 and the focus of My Name Is Anita, completed in 2009. PSAA funds have supported both the organizations with which she has worked and her personally, in the last several years as we have supported her decision to goScreen Shot 2013-04-25 at 11.26.23 AM back to school and get her degree in social work. The PSAA has supported her tuition, books and some living expenses.   She has written several updates for our blog and continues to do well now, nearly 20 years after being diagnosed HIV positive. All members of the Class of 2006 with which I have talked have enthusiastically endorsed this support to Anita.

Periclean Project: travel with alumni back to counties of focus
After discussions with 2009 alumni and their Mentor Steve Braye regarding the follow-up to our 2009 Habitat build near Ndola, we furthered conversations about how to remain connected beyond a yearly grant from the PSAA to Habitat for Humanity-Zambia. During our visit in 2009, we had deep connections with Voster Tembo of Habitat and various village leaders in Kawama and had extensive discussions about how return travel could go beyond the service-tourism of the traditional Habitat for Humanity-International build.

In 2011, I conceived of the “Periclean Project” that was intended to bring together Periclean alumni, current Pericleans and Mentors in service-related travel. The idea was to have a “Periclean Project” at least every other year to a country of focus from an alumni Class. Working with Elon Alumni relations, we put the word out to Periclean and non-Periclean alumni with current Pericleans for a second build in the Ndola region (Kawama) of Zambia and again coordinated with Voster Tembo. Our recruitment efforts aimed at alumni fell short, but we were able to amass a great team of current students and returned to Kawama in May/June of 2011. This second visit to the Copper Belt deepened all partnerships in the region and have now yielded, in part because of the amazing work of Voster Tembo, the creation of the Zambian Development Support Foundation
Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 6.39.02 AM(ZDSF), now beginning its second year of making micro-loans, mostly to small groups of women in the region.

The future of the Periclean Project at this point is uncertain and in order to move forward will take effort by the Director, past or current Mentors and the Office of Alumni relations. The idea of a service related alumni excursion is perhaps more viable now that we have more and more alumni that wish to remain active with Elon and our commitment to service.

Alternative and creative pathways
The Class of 2010 created a unique pathway for alumni engagement and efforts to sustain and enhance the Class partnerships. To a large degree, the Class was successful in branding themselves as the “Ghana Pericleans” and in initiating lateral entry from post-2010 classes. The concept was that the Mentor could recruit and work with Periclean-minded younger undergraduate students to move forward Class initiatives after the Class had formally graduated. This initiative was very time-intensive for the Mentor.

This initiative was used to a lesser degree with the Classes of 2011 and 2012 and has now been officially phased out. The Classes of 2010, 2011, and 2012, led by their Mentors, have remained in contact via various social media and have remained very involved in their initiatives. Several recent Mentors have served the function of sending more-or-less regular update and news emails out to alumni from their Classes.

Up until 2010, there has been a Periclean Newsletter produced on a semi-regular basis by several Classes, and these have always been sent out by me (the Director) to all current and alumni Pericleans and, beginning in 2012, to all friends and partners of Periclean Classes (including a self-selected number of parents). The Class of 2011 took this initiative to a higher level and, in 2009, began making sure that the newsletter was published on a much more regular basis. The newsletter served a very important function of keeping the alumni and partner base informed.

Beginning with the Class of 2010, every Class has established a committee, typically in their senior year, with the specific charge to make plans to insure that the partnerships, initiatives and indeed life of the Class are sustained past graduation. To my knowledge, each of those Classes, with varying levels of success, have maintained contact with each other and with their partner over the years past graduation. The Mentors play a key role in this, and it must be pointed out that, led by Dr. Heidi Frontani, all of these Mentors (Drs. Arangala, Kamela, and Nienhaus) have done steady and important work to maintain communication and activity.

One recent note of success is that the Class of 2013 was able to successfully “hand off” the Hogares Sanos (“Healthy Homes”) partnership with Alamance County Hispanic women to the Class of 2016.

A note related to the sustainability of the Class initiatives is that beginning with the Class of 2013, our long-term plan is to have new Classes “recycle” the countries of focus from past Classes, hence, for example, the Class of 2017 is going back to Namibia, the country of focus for the Class of 2006. Other repeat countries include Mexico (’08 & ’13) and Honduras (’07 & ’16). In a historic step for the program, Dr. Steven Braye, Mentor, ’09, will lead the Class of 2018 back to Zambia, marking the first two-time Mentor leading a Class back to their country of focus.

To be clear, this recycling means only in the sense of going back to the same country of focus.  Each Class bears the responsibility of researching, vetting, contacting and creating their own partnerships.

All new Mentors now are recruited based on their willingness to go back to a past country of focus though it is made clear that partnerships the Class forges need not necessarily be those made by the Class that originally went to that country.

A new era: the blog
In fall of 2012, a pan-Periclean blog was created that was (and is) intended to be a “one stop shopping” site for all things Periclean, including regular content from current and alumni Classes. Regular postings began to appear in spring 2013 and in Fall of 2013 I urged all Classes to begin making weekly updates regarding Class activities, and to some extent this happens. The blog has become the functional equivalent to, and now the de facto replacement for, the newsletter. I regularly send out emails to all alumni and friends with the link to the blog and short news items.

Periclean Foundation: conceived in 2005, brought to life in 2012
The Class of 2012 achieved a landmark initiative that had been imagined ever since the Class of 2006: the creation of the Periclean Foundation. Up until this point, the only place for funds to go that were raised by any current or alumni Class was back into official Elon University Periclean Scholars accounts, and then sent by wire (or by check) to partner accounts. The Periclean Foundation entity is a stand-alone 501c3 non-profit organization that now has a bank account and a PayPal account attached to it.

David Higham, the new Chair of the Periclean Foundation, reports that there have been at least two alumni that have set up regular monthly donations through Paypal, and our goal for this year (2014) is to have at least 10 individuals making regular gifts through this method.

There have been two important meetings with representatives from University accounting related to alumni giving. In the past, the explicit call was for alumni to make donations to Elon, earmarked for Pericles, with the understanding that these donations would then go out to their partners. This practice has now changed for a variety of reasons.  Beginning in 2013, all remaining balances in each Class’ Elon account that is intended to support their partner(s) are transferred to the Periclean Foundation.

Outreach via video
I have worked with alumnae Natasha Christensen over the years on sustainability of alumni activity, particularly in helping to produce two videos, the links to which were sent to all Pericleans. These videos were moderately successful. This one was made live in November 2010 and outlines the history behind the Redwoods gift and the way alumni were able to contribute to the PSAA, and this one, uploaded in October 2011, stars Natasha and was taped in 2011 when she came from Washington, DC to deliver the alumni speech at the Celebrating Periclean Scholars event.

Plans and thoughts as we move deeper into our second decade
As of this writing, Program Assistant Catherine Parsons is using the Periclean work-study student to generate a database of all Pericleans and friends of Pericleans, a small step intended to facilitate forward movement, but there is so much more to be done. I believe that with renewed vision, strong leadership from key alumni, and some creative thinking from all Pericleans and friends, the future of the PSAA and of the Periclean Foundation can be by an order of magnitude more robust than at present.

Here are a few questions to consider related to moving forward:

It would also ensure a way to “prioritize” efforts. It is easy to get distracted by how much you want to do and not focus as much on what is most needed and/or sustainable in the long run.

We have only internal and mostly anecdotal evidence that our outreach is effective. Should we consider connecting with an outside auditing entity charged with examining the impact of our partnerships? This may be a good way forward. As we saw with the class of 2007’s partnerships in Honduras – sometimes the personal relationships we build throughout working on the projects make you think everything you are doing is going towards a just cause but it could fall short. My only question with this would be how much the auditing entity would charge and if this would be something we would want to include in reporting, etc. on a regular basis (annually, etc.).

Perhaps set up conferencing so you could host 2 at once – 1 in DC and 1 in NC to maximize participation…

How can we better integrate the current Steering Committee body into the process of moving forward along the lines above?

Mentor compensation?
How can the past Mentors be financially and otherwise compensated for the extra duties they have performed and continue to perform? None, understandably, agreed to be “Mentors for life” and though all are giving extra of themselves, that model –depending on the kind hearts of key faculty – is perhaps not sustainable.

Look at the Young Alumni Association model. I believe maintaining as much hands-on engagement within our partnerships AND the communities we are all living in now is a good way to keep the intent behind Pericles alive and people invested/engaged.

From here, where?
Finally, what are the immediate next steps that need to be taken?

I know I [Natasha] briefly discussed doing a documentary or photo-book, etc. of the projects with you at one point but I continue to believe it would go a long way to showing how engaged and how far that “global citizenship” has taken scholars (while at Elon and beyond). We all must more aggressively embrace the responsibility of the legacy of program.


I call upon all of you who read this document to (1) help me correct any factual errors or errors of omission I may have inadvertently outlined and (2) make this a living document by adding more detail where needed and proposing specific actions that we can make in the coming weeks and months.







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Travel warning waiver – submitted!

Woohoo! After months of meeting with Elon University officials, talking with our partner Restavek Freedom Foundation, drafting, editing, and re-editing – we have finally submitted a proposal to travel to Haiti in January 2015! The university requires these waivers to travel to countries that a travel warning from the U.S. Department of State. We’re hoping to visit Port Salud, where RFF has one of it’s transitional homes for former restavek girls, as part of our capstone Winter Term courseIt’s now in the hands of Elon – and we’re hoping to solidify our plans soon! 

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May 6, 2014: 2-year Plan

As the semester comes to a close, the Periclean Scholars Class of 2016 is proud of its accomplishments over the past year. We have formed a partnership with Hope for Honduran Children, and are seriously considering another partnership that may work well with our existing partnerships. We anxiously await the chance to bring these two partners to Elon next fall as Pericleans in Residence with the hopes of determining how our class can be most effective in Honduras.

This past week, we worked together on our two-year-plan. It was exciting to see how far the class has come, as we attempted this overwhelming task in an effective, patient way. Everyone listened to one another and worked off each other’s ideas to come up with the most efficient, and feasible, 2-year plan. To tackle this difficult task, we made a chart including a space for each semester starting with the Fall of 2014 and ending with the Spring of 2016. A few major topics that we included in each semester were: fundraising efforts, grant writing and letter writing campaigns, local outreach, and building our partnerships Honduras. We have found that setting specific fundraising goals per-semester is difficult, because we have not committed to a specific project or focus as of now. Instead we decided to set goals of the number of fundraising events we will hold each semester. Looking at the Fall of 2014, the class struggled to determine the best way to keep the Pericleans abroad in contact, and to determine a feasible plan for the fall when the majority of our cohort is studying abroad. We have decided to send one e-mail a week to the students who are abroad, which will include anything we have discussed, and will provide them with the chances to vote when necessary. It was encouraging to see that most of the members who plan to study abroad trust the class to make decisions that will be great for the whole class, and for our partners. Overall we had a very successful discussion as we planned out the rest of our time together, including what we can do Pan-Periclean.

At the end of class, we broke into our committees to give some final updates. We are excited to announce that we have established a pen-pal system with boys living in two different communities in Honduras: the Flor Azul Boys Community and the Transition Home. We have connected with these communities through our partner, Hope for Honduran Children, and are excited to get to know the boys on a more personal level, so that we can really learn from them. Our final group meeting will be this Tuesday, May 13, as we say goodbye to our Pericleans studying abroad, and look forward to the exciting progress we can make next year.

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Blogs by Pericleans and Friends of Pericleans

Blogs by Pericleans and Friends of Pericleans

Click below to follow the blogs of Pericleans doing great work all around the world.


1.  Colby Erin Halligan, 15
Recipient of the  2014 Udall Scholarship, Colby was chosen for the 2014 Spannocchia Internship and will spend the summer in Italy.
From Colby:
I am beginning a blog to document my adventures to Italy (and throughout the world this summer) and wanted to share my thoughts, ideas, and passions with each of you. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful summer!
2.  Natalie Lampert, ’11
3.  Tom Arcaro and J (collaborator and author)
4. Jenn Pierson, ’06
I blogged a bit in Namibia and hope to be able to blog in South America this summer.

Class 2006
Prekindergarten teacher in Washington DC at a bilingual Public school.  Enjoying living in Washington, DC again and I recently was awarded a grant to study Spanish in Ecuador this summer.
5.  Dr Lucy Stienitz, partner ’06
Co-Founder of Catholic AIDS Action in Namibia and now working in Ethiopia, Dr. Stienitz co-taught “The Global Impact of HIV/AIDS for five summers with Director Tom Arcaro and was a Periclean-in-Residence in 2007.


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