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North Carolina Stands Out at Millennial Civic Engagement Summit

North Carolina was well represented at the Millennial Civic Engagement Summit, August 24-26, 2012 in Charlotte, NC.  The event convened civically active millennials (young adults born between 1976 and 1996) from California, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania to discuss the most challenging issues facing their generation, engage with elected officials on the local, state and federal level and propose civic entrepreneurial strategies they can use and implement to address problems on their campuses and in their communities.  NC Campus Compact Associate Director, Leslie Garvin, said the Summit was “One of the most inspiring gatherings of young people I have ever experienced!”

North Carolina Millennials Propose Winning Ideas!

Before the Summit attendees were invited to submit a project idea in the Summit Award Competition through the GOOD Maker online platform. Semi-finalists were selected through an online voting process. During the summit, semi-finalists had the present their work to their Millennials peers, who selected the top 5 ideas through the use of interactive keypad voting technology according to four criteria: Potential Social Impact, Creativity and Innovation, Sustainability and Use of New and Social Media Communications. The winning groups will receive Awards – financial investments from and expert support from their staff and extensive partner network.

The top two winning projects, in order of highest scores received, are:

  1. The Artist Spring (North Carolina): This project will encourage all types of performance artists to utilize their medium to make a difference. It would be two-fold. We would a have website that would allow artists to upload videos, submit blogs, and discuss the arts and civic engagement. This will be a social network that encourages peaceful, meaningful change. Locally, we would plan a fun stage show where various artists would perform for their family, friends, and neighbors about topics that encourage voting and civic engagement. We would have canvassers there to register voters, and an accurate account of all in attendance would be used to for further communication to provide information about voting and future programs and opportunities to stay involved.
  1. Activate Good (North Carolina): Less than 1 in 4 citizens in Raleigh volunteer. The idea is to help transform Raleigh, NC, into an engaged volunteer network using our innovative online platform as the basis of our efforts. The beta version of our online platform (called the “Volunteer Community”) launched in 2011, but due to limited resources we have not yet been able to develop the platform to its full potential. In building the next phase of the Volunteer Community (Volunteer Community 2.0) we’ll make it easy and fun for citizens to act as “volunteer ambassadors” and recruit friends, coworkers and neighbors to get involved. In doing so, the Activate Good team aims to make volunteerism “viral,” engaging 25,000+ Raleigh citizens by 2017.

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