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Ring of Kerry

Over the weekend I took a lovely weekend trip to my new favorite location in Ireland, The Ring of Kerry. My friend, Clare, and I took a train from Dublin on Friday evening to Killarney located in the west of Ireland. The train was nice and only took about 3hrs. Once we arrived in Killarney we walked a few minutes to the hostel we were staying and checked in. Clare and I then walked around the town for a while and found some dinner. The town of Killarney was adorable! Lots of local pubs, ice creams stores, and small shops. It reminded me of exactly what you imagine a small town in Ireland should look like.

The next morning we left for our Ring of Kerry tour. The tour was quite inexpensive and only had about 10 people on the tour itself. Our tour guide was extremely funny and entertaining during the entire tour. We left at 10am from Killarney and worked our way around the peninsula. We stopped every 10-30min to take pictures and see some of the most amazing views. The landscape reminded me of things you see in movies like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings. With breathtaking mountains and valleys set beside waterfalls, enchanted forests, and beaches. The entire tour was extremely well done though I did wish I would have been able to rent a car and drive the peninsula myself to really spend a lot of time soaking in the sites. Unfortunately in Ireland you have to be 25 to rent a car and also the roads are quite narrow and twisting. The tour however was the best suitable alternative. After the tour we stopped at a local pub for some dinner and to watch the Rugby game. We wandered around the center of town for a while too stopping in shops and getting Murphy’s Ice Cream (also located in Dublin) which was incredible! We also stopped by a new bar opening up that our hostel told us about called The Shire and was supposed to be based of the location of The Hobbit. It was quite cute so we stayed for a little while and then headed back to bed. We left very early Sunday morning to catch the train back to Dublin.

Ring of Kerry was an amazing weekend trip and I would return in a heartbeat. This was easily on of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen! Hopefully next time I will be able to spend more time there as well!

IMG_4681 IMG_4683 IMG_4684 IMG_4685 IMG_4686 IMG_4687 IMG_4688 IMG_4689 IMG_4691 IMG_4692 IMG_4693 IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4697 IMG_4698 IMG_4699 IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4703 IMG_4704 IMG_4705 IMG_4706 IMG_4707 IMG_4708 IMG_4709 IMG_4710 IMG_4711 IMG_4712 IMG_4713 IMG_4714 IMG_4715 IMG_4716 IMG_4717 IMG_4718 IMG_4719 IMG_4720 IMG_4722 IMG_4723 IMG_4724 IMG_4725 IMG_4726 IMG_4727 IMG_4728 IMG_4730 IMG_4732 IMG_4733 IMG_4734 IMG_4735 IMG_4736 IMG_4737 IMG_4740 IMG_4741 IMG_4742 IMG_4743 IMG_4744 IMG_4745 IMG_4746 IMG_4747 IMG_4749 IMG_4750 IMG_4751 IMG_4752 IMG_4753 IMG_4754 IMG_4755 IMG_4756 IMG_4757 IMG_4758 IMG_4759 IMG_4760 IMG_4761 IMG_4764 IMG_4765 IMG_4766 IMG_4767 IMG_4768 IMG_4769 IMG_4770 IMG_4771 IMG_4772 IMG_4773 IMG_4774 IMG_4775 IMG_4776 IMG_4777 IMG_4778 IMG_4779 IMG_4780 IMG_4781 IMG_4782 IMG_4783 IMG_4784 IMG_4785 IMG_4786 IMG_4787 IMG_4788 IMG_4789 IMG_4790 IMG_4791 IMG_4794 IMG_4796 IMG_4797
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Cardiff, Wales

This past weekend I took a relaxing holiday to Cardiff, Wales! I fell absolutely in love with this country and city! The city itself was beautiful and a perfect mix of a modern marvels and Wales historical past. The city center itself has beautiful castles beside skyscrapers. The Welsh people are also some the friendliest people I have ever met to date!

I left very early Friday morning getting to the airport around 4:45am. I arrived in Cardiff around 8am and walked to the Riverhouse Hostel where I was staying. I was in desperate need for a nap but couldn’t check in until 2pm so I dropped off my bags and continued on my way. I walked towards the Cardiff Castle, which was only about a 5min walk from my hostel. I stopped at a tea café in a park right next door to the castle and ordered some hot chocolate and crumpets. I then paid to visit the Cardiff Castle. The Castle itself was really beautiful and was quite large. I appreciated the fact that an audio tour was provided when you bought a ticket so I strolled around the castle for most of the afternoon listening to the history of the location. Afterwards I walked on the main city street that was filled with shops and restaurants. I strolled through some outdoor markets that sold lots of traditional Welsh food including Welsh cakes that were very delicious. I then went to one of Cardiff’s free museums, The Cardiff Story, which depicted the history of the city in a interactive museum. Finally then it was 2pm so I went back to my hostel to check in and took a nap for a few hours. I went and had dinner than at The Queen’s Vault where the Welsh soccer game was playing and called it an early night.

On Saturday I woke up early to enjoy the lovely breakfast at the hostel and then figured out my plan for the rest of the day. I took a bus to Castle Coch, which was about 30min from the city. The castle is typically described as a “fairy castle” since it looks like what is often depicted in fairytales. This castle also included another audio tour that was extremely interesting to hear the history of the landmark. After I finished I hopped back on the bus and rode to Caerphilly. This is the 2nd largest castle in all of Europe! It had just started to rain when I got there so I hid in the information point till it stopped. This castle unlike the others really seemed to not be as well kept as the other ones I had seen. Also there was no sort of audio tour or informational signs to know what you were seeing. I wondered around for quite a while and even saw a beautiful wedding reception that was occurring the Great Hall. I even got to see the bride and groom who were taking photos throughout the castle as I walked around. I then returned back to the city center in Cardiff to find some dinner. I ended up stopping at an upper scale pizza place that had really good food for not too much money.

Sunday was a very relaxed day. I walked down to Cardiff Bay, which was about 45min from my hostel. The bay was full of interesting shops that sold trademark Welsh items such as Welsh Cakes and LoveSpoons. The bay itself was an area full of art and expression. There were lots of outdoor sculptors and art galleries that I wandered through. The national concert hall and parliament were also part of the scenery. There were also lots of boats that offered sailing trips around the harbor but I opted out for that today because it was quite windy and cooler than it had been the previous days. I was looking forward to going to the Dr. Who Experience but unfortunately it has been closed for the past month in order for renovations to occur. I then walked to the Red Dragon, which is a large complex that contained lots of restaurants, cinema, and shops. Last minute I decided to go see Mazerunners a film I had really been looking forward to seeing. After the film I went back to the bay and grabbed dinner at Nandos, a popular chain restaurant in the UK. I headed back towards my hostel and stopped at a coffee shop called #1 Coffee. I possibly had the best hot chocolate ever! It was a sweet white-hot chocolate with caramel mixed in as well. When I got back to my hostel they had a free dessert night with chocolate cake that I enjoyed and played with the two cats that lived there as well.

On Monday morning I flew back to Dublin and made it in time for my 1pm class! I really enjoyed my time spent in Cardiff. I think this is one of the few cities that I would love it live in rather than just visit. The Welsh population seems extremely nice and the cities and town were beautifully arranged. Really hoping to go back here someday

IMG_3443 IMG_3444 IMG_4520 IMG_4521 IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4525 IMG_4527 IMG_4528 IMG_4529 IMG_4530 IMG_4532 IMG_4533 IMG_4534 IMG_4537 IMG_4538 IMG_4539 IMG_4540 IMG_4543 IMG_4544 IMG_4545 IMG_4546 IMG_4547 IMG_4548 IMG_4549 IMG_4550 IMG_4551 IMG_4552 IMG_4553 IMG_4554 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4557 IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4561 IMG_4563 IMG_4565 IMG_4566 IMG_4567 IMG_4568 IMG_4569 IMG_4570 IMG_4573 IMG_4574 IMG_4575 IMG_4576 IMG_4577 IMG_4578 IMG_4581 IMG_4583 IMG_4584 IMG_4585 IMG_4586 IMG_4587 IMG_4590 IMG_4591 IMG_4592 IMG_4593 IMG_4596 IMG_4597 IMG_4598 IMG_4599 IMG_4600 IMG_4601 IMG_4604 IMG_4605 IMG_4606 IMG_4607 IMG_4608 IMG_4609 IMG_4610 IMG_4612 IMG_4614 IMG_3473 IMG_4616 IMG_4617 IMG_4618 IMG_4619 IMG_4620 IMG_4621 IMG_4622 IMG_4623 IMG_4625 IMG_4626 IMG_4627 IMG_4628 IMG_4629 IMG_4630 IMG_4631 IMG_4632 IMG_4633 IMG_4634 IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4637 IMG_4638 IMG_4639 IMG_4641 IMG_4643 IMG_4644 IMG_4645 IMG_4646 IMG_4647 IMG_4648 IMG_4649 IMG_4650 IMG_4651 IMG_4652 IMG_4653 IMG_4654 IMG_4655 IMG_4657 IMG_4660 IMG_4661 IMG_4662 IMG_4663 IMG_4664 IMG_4665 IMG_4666 IMG_4667 IMG_4668 IMG_4670 IMG_4671 IMG_4672 IMG_4673 IMG_4674 IMG_4675 IMG_4594 IMG_4579 IMG_4580 IMG_4677 IMG_4678 IMG_4679 IMG_4680 IMG_4676
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They say time flys when you are having fun!

Not even sure where to start since I last posted! Let's go with Noche en Blanca (Saturday 10/4), the evening where there are street performances of improv or dance, free museum entrance, classical and jazz concerts, dance lessons and learning how to play different board games. Overall there was tons to do and see. My friends and I ended up going to an improv performance in the subway station and then an amazing jazz quartet of saxophones. Then we all went to go eat some tapas and chat before heading back to our respective homes. Sunday (10/5--also my sissy's birthday!), I went on a tour of Carmona where I learned about the history of the city and how it served as an important strategy city in terms of the military.

This past weekend I was in Barcelona with Greta and her friend, Jeremy. We had such a blast walking all over the city learning about the history, seeing the beautiful sights, and also making sure that Jeremy tasted all of our favorite tapas. From the museums of Picasso and Miro to hitting three world heritage sights in one day (the nativity facade of the Sagrada Familia, the Palau de Musica Catalana, and Park Guell) we made the most of our short stay. On the last night, we went to a fountain show with a mix of jazz, classical, and traditional Catalan music, which was so fun!

This week I got to go to my volunteering for the first time, which was really great! I am working at a school for children with special needs and get to go with the younger children to the pool and help them with water therapy. Each child has me or one of their teachers working with them in the water and their is an instructor for the class who first lead us through a group warm up and then told us what each child should do to help them with motor skills. The little boy I worked with, probably around 6, needed to work on walking by himself in the water, so we played keep away with some balls and also played a version of basketball. Then we showered and changed them all back into their clothes and headed back to the school. I left early since I had to go to class and I didn't know how long the walk would take, but next week I think I will have time to help them with lunch, too. The kids are very sweet and so far I think I know all of their names. Four more children are coming with us next week, which brings out number up to ten kiddos :)

Sadly, the day after volunteering I realized that I have a cold. Luckily for me, Jori knows all of the home remedies to get me back up and running. From keeping my neck warm with a scarf at almost all times to spoonfuls of lemon juice and honey mixed together (shout-out to my Dad who makes me hot water with lemon and honey when I am sick--you have an ally in your methods) and eating a spoonful of olive oil at breakfast and before I sleep, I should be better by the start of next week--fingers crossed!
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Ed Sheeran Concert

Another amazing opportunity I had in Dublin was to go to an Ed Sheeran concert at the O2 arena! This is the third time I have seen Ed Sheeran live and easily he is my favorite musical artist and performer to see live. I had originally bought my tickets back in April but once I found out my class was going to West Ireland the night I had bought tickets for I had to sell my tickets. Since the concert was sold out I was able to sell my tickets for double there value and buy general standing tickets for the same price a different night. Even though these tickets meant I didn’t have a seat it did mean I had a shot at getting really close to the stage. My friend, Alexis, and I arrived to the concert about 3hrs before doors opened with boxes of pizza to eat. We ended up arriving at about the perfect time because about 10min after we came the line nearly tripled in size! Finally we were let inside and we were so close to the stage! We started off about 8 people back from the front of the stage and directly in the center. I can honestly say I have never been so squished before in my life. Almost constant pushing before the show started and the room grew extremely hot with 14.5K people inside. The opening act was a guy named Saint Raymond who was really excellent. Then finally Ed Sheeran came on! My friend and I had gotten separated in the crowd because of the pushing so at this point I was only about 5 or so people back from the front of the stage. The show was phenomenal with lots of older and newer songs mixed in. The concert itself was absolutely crazy though there were a couple people fainting almost every song from standing so long and the heat. Guards were constantly passing water out to try and help out. My friend ended up fainting as well right before the show ended. The guards told me to go get her after the concert. After the encore the show ended and I stood around while the room cleared out trying to figure out where my friend had been taken. As the room cleared out a security guard threw a bunch of papers towards me saying I could have them. I picked them off the ground and IT WAS ED SHEERAN’S SET LIST!!! I was beyond excited! I was given two copies so once I located my friend in the medical room I gave one to her as well! Even with the craziness of the show it was easily the best concert I have ever been to!
IMG_3291 IMG_3294 IMG_3298 IMG_3329 IMG_3344 IMG_3345 IMG_3357 IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3415 IMG_3361 IMG_3363 IMG_3364 IMG_3366 IMG_3367 IMG_3368 IMG_3370 IMG_3371 IMG_3381 IMG_3383 IMG_3384 IMG_3394 IMG_3401 IMG_3403 IMG_3404 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 unnamed

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West Ireland

This past weekend I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with my Irish Life and Cultures class (mandatory for all study abroad students at DBS) to Western Ireland. We left our dorms early Friday morning we were loaded on a bus for 3hrs to make our way to Galway. We stopped briefly at our hotel to drop off baggage and then were whisked away into the city of Galway for an afternoon of leisure. Some friends and I first walked around for about 10minutes to find some lunch. We stopped at this modern looking pub that seemed pretty cheap. After lunch we strolled around the main city square for a while and looked at the different shops. Galway is home of the Claddagh ring so there were lots of different jewelry shops everywhere. I really wanted to get a Claddagh ring so I figured here would be the best place to do so. After shopping around for a while I finally found the perfect ring! We also were able to tour Thomas Dillions, which was the first place to invent and sell Claddagh rings. In addition to their store there was also a small museum that told the history of the ring. There was a sweet older woman working at the store who told us how each ring sold there was hand casted individually and that every other ring sold elsewhere was just a copy of this one. Even though I would have love to get a ring there the cheapest ones were 240euro which was way outside my budget. After getting my ring we walked around Galway’s main park and finally headed back to meet our bus. We were brought back to the hotel where we were provided a 3 course dinner which was splendid. All the students included myself really enjoyed our hotel rooms with our big comfy beds (unlike our very springy ones back at school) and normal showers instead of wetrooms.


The next day we all ate breakfast at the hotel and then headed on the bus for 40mins as we drove to meet a ferry that would take us to the Aran Islands. A friend and I sat on the top deck so we could have the best view as we sailed to the Island. It started to sprinkle for a few minutes but then stopped and revealed a small rainbow! Somehow seeing a rainbow in Ireland just makes any day that much better. Once we arrived to Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands with a population of 800, we hopped off the boat and boarded a bus that took us to the large fort on the island. The island was beautiful filled with rocks and cliffs that made the scenery one of a kind. We walked up to the fort, which held the most spectacular view of the island that most of use spent a multitude of time taking photos there. After the fort we checked out a few small shops on the island that sold the iconic Aran sweaters and grabbed some tea. We then went and visited the oldest cemetery on the Island were we saw another rainbow! This time however it stretched the entire way across the sky. Finally we headed back down to the harbor were we grabbed a lunch of fish and chips and headed back to Galway. Once again we had dinner at hotel, which was as good as the first night.


On Sunday we got to sleep in a little later till we hopped on the bus for 2hrs with our luggage to head towards the Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs of Moher is easily one of the largest attractions in Ireland due to its incredible view and deadly drops. Once arriving to the cliffs we were able to have 2hrs to walk the cliffs taking lots of pictures. Everyone’s hearts were beating a little faster as we stood toe to toe with edge of a drop that could end anyone’s life. Though it was very windy and cold I would one hundred percent recommend this trip to anyone. The sites were to die for and led to a really relaxing hike. Finally I grabbed some seafood chowder from the small café inside and boarded the bus to head back to Dublin. I really enjoyed this weekend especially since all of activates and meals for the most part were prearranged for us which allowed us really relax and enjoy Ireland without the stress of planning.

IMG_4415 IMG_4416 IMG_4417 IMG_4418 IMG_4419 IMG_4420 IMG_4422 IMG_4423 IMG_4424 IMG_4425 IMG_4426 IMG_4427 IMG_4428 IMG_4429 IMG_4430 IMG_4431 IMG_4432 IMG_4433 IMG_4435 IMG_4436 IMG_4437 IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4440 IMG_4441 IMG_4446 IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4450 IMG_4451 IMG_4452 IMG_4453 IMG_4454 IMG_4456 IMG_4457 IMG_4458 IMG_4461 IMG_4462 IMG_4463 IMG_4464 IMG_4467 IMG_4470 IMG_4471 IMG_4472 IMG_4473 IMG_4474 IMG_4475 IMG_4476 IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4479 IMG_4480 IMG_4481 IMG_4482 IMG_4483 IMG_4484 IMG_4485 IMG_4486 IMG_4488 IMG_4489 IMG_4490 IMG_4491 IMG_4492 IMG_4493 IMG_4494 IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4497 IMG_4498 IMG_4499 IMG_4500 IMG_4501 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4506 IMG_4507 IMG_4510 IMG_4511 IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4515 IMG_4516 IMG_4517 IMG_4518 IMG_3235 IMG_4422 IMG_4423 IMG_4424 IMG_3265
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Travel Break 1: Prague – Budapest – Salzburg – Zurich

From Prague, to Budapest, to Salzburg, to Zurich, my first travel break was packed with adventure, chaos, and memories that I will never forget. After weeks of planning lodging, transportation and excursions, it was finally time to embark on my 10-day European adventure. 
Stop 1: Prague

After class on Friday, Mary Catherine, Sarah and I flew to Prague as our first stop. The flight went great, then we hopped on a bus heading to a metro station (literally ran and hopped on…bus ticket? Oops). We jumped off at the metro station to find that to get ticket we needed Czech coins instead of bills. We spotted KFC way down the road and went to buy some french-fries to get some change! FINALLY we got our tickets and were on the metro headed towards our Air B&B. For those of you that don’t know, Air B&B is a company that allows people to post open rooms in their homes where you can stay for a few nights. We found it to be WAY cheaper than any hostel! Our host greeted us and had our room perfectly prepared with maps of the city and comfy beds. We were finally settled in Prague! Here’s some photos of our wonderful stay, only about a 25 minute walk from the center of the city. 
After we unloaded our bags and got a little settled, we met up with one of my wonderful Elon friends, Amory, who is currently studying abroad in Prague! She took us to a pub for some cider and hot cocoa, walked us down to where she takes her film classes in the city, and took us to her favorite late-night food spot, a tiny burrito place where we were all too excited to have a quesadilla that tasted like America. Thanks Amory for such a fun night!
Our first morning we went on a beautiful walking tour of the city. Our tour guide was so animated and knew so much about the city. Some highlights included the astronomical clock, the Jewish cemetery, the opera house and the old town square. 
Our tour guide let us know about cheap student tickets to the opera, so we went for it! We saw Mozart’s Don Giovanni. It was beautiful and such a wonderful experience. 

The next morning we met up with some of my other Elon friends who are studying abroad in Prague, and then we went on a tour of the Prague Castle, the largest castle in the world! It was like an entire town in itself and we were all awestruck by its beauty and massive structures. 
After the castle tour, we walked across the Charles Bridge and went out to dinner at a famous Michelin Star restaurant called Mlynec. It. Was. Amazing. The currency is a major bonus in Prague. One Czech krone equals 0.046 USD, so we paid a normal amount for a nice dinner that was actually worth way, way more! You must go to dinner here when you visit Prague. We all enjoyed our last night as we ate while overlooking the Vltava River.

We then raced to the train station and thankfully hopped on our overnight train to Budapest just in time. Note to self: trains have NO mercy. It was stopped for maybe one minute and then took off again. Be ready to step on to your train when you travel right when it is schedule to arrive!

This train was a nightmare. That is all. Packed, dirty, people with colds, loud, bright lights on the whole time. Ugh. It got us where we needed to go, but it was definitely a low point of travel. You’ve got have some experiences like these to get the full  “broke college girl across Europe” experience though!

Stop 2: Budapest

We arrived in Budapest early in the morning and checked into our Air B&B that could not have been in a more perfect location. We had no idea our apartment would be on the nicest street in Budapest with the Louis Vuitton and Gucci right downstairs.

 After some exploring, we got ready for our cruise on the Danube River, the water that separates Buda from Pest. After sprinting down the water asking every human in sight where the meeting point was, we finally found our boat (after almost hopping on a boat to Amsterdam…oops again.) This was one of my favorite experiences of the trip. We got the best seat out on the deck and sipped champaign as we sailed between Budapest lit up in the night sky. You must do this if you ever come! It was breathtaking. 
After the cruise we went out to dinner at a traditional Hungarian restaurant that served some of the best food we had ever had. Some of our favorite Hungarian dishes were the fried dough (an amazing soft baked dough with cheese on top), and paprika bread. YUM. 

The next morning we went on another amazing walking tour. Always look into free walking tours while traveling. They’re amazing! We went to Saint Peter’s Basilica, walked across the chain bridge, went up to the castle, and then ended at Fisherman’s Bastion.  

Too soon, it was time to say bye to Budapest and we were on our train to Salzburg. This train compared to the one from Prague to Budapest was like flying first class in the lap of luxury! The train was so clean, quiet and comfortable. The only uncomfortable situation was when two Hungarian men got into an argument with me in sitting right in the middle…so peaceful. 

Stop 3: Salzburg

We arrived safe and sound that night in Salzburg in our hostel that we were SO lucky to have an 8-person group room to ourselves the first two nights! And one of the beautiful things about Salzburg is that everything is in walking distance, so again, we could walk just fine from our room to the city.
Our first morning we just had to go on the Sound of Music tour! It was perfect in every way. My mom had done the same tour when she visited Salzburg and highly recommended it, and it was honestly one of my favorite things we did this trip! We saw the outside of the home where the von Trapp family lived, the lake that’s in the backyard of the house, the famous gazebo where Liesel and Rolf sing “16 Going on 17,” and the church where Maria and the captain get married.  We also saw the abbey from a distance! When we went to the church, we got to stop and spend some time the adorable town of Mondsee where we enjoyed some crisp apple strudel to keep up the Sound of Music feel! 
After our tour we spent time in the Mirabell Gardens and ran down the tunnel where Maria and the children ran through.  We hopped up and down the steps and ran around the Pegasus sculpture where they sing “Do, Re, Me.” The gardens were stunning. 
Next, we went to Mozart’s home and went through the museum. I loved this. We got to see Mozart’s original pieces, see some of his instruments, listen to his music, and see his letters. We ended by having some Mozartkugel, the best chocolate ever- so tempting to bring some back! 
The next day we went on a tour of the salt mines in the Bavarian mountains! The drive was incredible. In the salt mines we rode a little train deep into the mountains, slide down miners’ slides, walked throughout all of the deep tunnels, and even rode a little boat over the water inside. 
Next, we ascended into the mountain on a tram and went up to the Salzburg Fortress. The view from the top was amazing. The clouds finally lifted and you could see all of Salzburg and the surrounding Alps. I could have stayed up there forever. Lastly, we went to the top of the Hotel Stein for the free view atop their rooftop bar at sunset.
That night we watched The Sound of Music and pointed out all of the places we had gone on our tour. In the morning, Sarah was off to Munich for Octoberfest and Mary Catherine and I were off on our bus to Zurich!

Stop 4: Zurich

Our bus (that we each paid about $25 for) was AMAZING. It was a double decker with reclining comfy seats and a perfect view out the front. Leaving Salzburg at sunrise to drive through Germany was picturesque. Seriously look into traveling by bus with Meinfernbus! So cheap and so nice. 

As soon as we hopped off the bus in Zurich, Mary Catherine and I went to the famous confectionary: Conditorei Schober.
Beautiful and delicious are understatements. We both had a cup of their world famous hot cocoa and a slice of passion fruit cheesecake. What a way to start off Zurich!
We then went exploring around the city and visited two famous churches, the Fraumünster and St. Peter. Chagall’s stain glass windows in Fraumünster were absolutely incredible to see in person, and the largest clock face in Europe on St. Peter's tower was amazing. In St. Peters we met some girls studying abroad in Italy from California, and we hit it off so well we all went to dinner together in the cute walking streets of the old town. It was so fun to make some new friends in Zurich and share study abroad stories together! 

The next day we went to the top of Mount Üetliberg and got a bird’s eye view of the city. The train ride to the top of the mountain was beautiful, and the walk to the top through the woods was so refreshing. We looked out over Zurich and the surrounding mountains and reflected on how thankful we were to have the opportunity to travel around Europe.    
Swiss cheese fondue was next up on our Zurich food bucket list! We went an adorable restaurant in a hotel known for the best fondue in town. Delicious. 

We did another free walking tour and got to hear about the history of Zurich as we roamed the streets. We ended at Grossmünster, the last church to check off our list, and were in awe again of the beautiful architecture. 
Lastly, we went to the Kunsthaus Museum and wandered for hours admiring works by Picasso, Miro, Monet and Chagall.

After ten days of traveling from country to country, managing foreign languages, currency, and public transportation, I was so excited to be back in Copenhagen with my host family. This was a moment of realization that my study abroad experience has officially become where I am comfortable, happy, living and thriving. I would have never thought that Copenhagen would be a place that would bring me so much comfort and peace. When I stepped into the airport, I was relieved instead of overwhelmed by hearing Danish. The metro felt like my car at home as I sat down and had no fear where I was going or how to get home. The pumpkin on the front porch of my host family’s house brought me feelings of fall in Nashville, and laying down in my bed reminded me of coming home for Christmas break from school. Copenhagen now gives me feelings of home, instead of feelings of travel. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, and I can’t help but to beam when I reflect on how this city has transformed from a place of newness and insecurity to a place of comfort and tranquility.  

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Packing Guide: 10 Days Across Europe

Travel Break 1 rolled around the corner in the blink of an eye, and at the end of last week it was time to pack for 10 days across Europe to Prague, Budapest, Salzburg, and Zurich in my backpack and tote bag. Mission accomplished! As I've returned from my trip (post coming soon!) and can confidently say I had no packing issues, I thought I'd share my little guide with you!

After hearing how friends have traveled and browsing numerous travel blogs, I combined my favorite lists and created my own European packing guide with personal tips from my experience. I hope you all can look to this for your future adventures too! Can't wait to fill you all in on my 10-day journey. 

If you have any packing items or tips to share, let me know!
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Paris is always a good idea

This past Saturday, I took a day trip to Paris and had so much fun! It hasn’t been that long since I was last in Paris, but it felt really good to be back. Anna had a friend from Elon who was visiting Paris for the weekend and we were able to meet up in the city. We had a lot of fun exploring Paris and showing them our favorite spots. We also visited the Musée d’Orsay and went inside Notre Dame. I hadn’t been to these places before (I don’t know how that happened) but am glad that I finally saw them! I also popped into Shakespeare and Company to pick up some new books. :) After a relaxing break from site seeing at a Parisian cafe, I left the others to catch my evening train back to Reims. It was very nice to take a break in Paris after a busy week at school!

It took a few weeks, but I am now back into the school routine after my 8 month break from classes. It was a much easier transition this year since I already knew my way around town and what to expect at school. It’s hard to believe how fast September has flown by – I’ve already finished one month of classes and am counting down the weeks to fall break (3.5 weeks!).

I am in full weekend mode even though it is only Wednesday. My last class of the week ended today at noon. I am taking advantage of this 4.5 day weekend and traveling to Romania to visit family. :)

Stay tuned for my adventures in Romania!

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First Two Weeks

The first two weeks in Dublin, Ireland have been fantastic so far! The weather has been superb staying mostly in the 60’s and only raining twice so far! I’ve had my first week of classes already at Dublin Business School, which has been really nice. I’m currently taking Research Methods in Social Science, Introduction to Fiction, Social Care Theory and Practice, Irish Life and Cultures, and History of Cinema. I’ve mostly settled into my dorm and have learned my way around the south side of Dublin where live and go to school. Dublin is full of incredible places to eat that I have been enjoying but also learning how to cook for a single person with just a stove, microwave, and minifridge has been a bit of a challenge. I’ve really enjoyed my time just walking around the city especially St. Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street. I was also able to go to the zoo this weekend, which was a ton of fun! Really nice to finally settle into a routine here.

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Rock of Cashel/ Blarney Castle/ Cork City Day Trip

This past weekend a group of friends and I took a day trip from Dublin using the service Viator. We had to wake up at 5am in order to catch our bus at 6am to start our journey towards southwest Ireland. Our first stop was the Rock of Cashel. This was a beautiful old castle and church. We were able to take lots of pictures as our guide told us a lot of the history of the ruins. Next we headed to Blarney Castle, a very popular attraction in Ireland. The castle and grounds itself were absolutely beautiful and we all felt like we could spend a majority of the day there. We climbed the castle to the top and waited in line to kiss the Blarney Stone! The Blarney Stone we were told was originally one whole stone that had split in to half one being here in Ireland and the other half located in Scotland. While the stone was being put in place the King at the time whom had a stutter kissed the stone and his stutter disappeared. Now people from all over the world come to kiss the stone in order to have the gift of smooth talking for the rest of their lives. We were also able to stop at the Blarney Woollen Mills which sold 100% wool sweaters made here in Ireland and something you can’t leave the country without getting. A friend and I each bought a sweater. After Blarney Castle we finally made our way to the city of Cork, which is the second biggest city in Ireland after Dublin. We walked around the English Market and stopped in a few churches before we made our way back to the bus. Our bus driver/guide for the entire trip had been wonderfully fun and informative and on the way back to Dublin took us to a small pub where we could relax for a bit and watch the championship-hurling match. I really enjoyed this trip and all the locations we were able to visit on it!

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